Friday, November 27, 2015

Melanie Lashes Out (Photostory)

After Melanie gathered herself, she texted Rod and asked him to meet them at one of her friend's house.

Melanie is waiting in her car when Rod pulls into the driveway of  her friend's house.

"Hello.  Where's Nicole?"  (Rod)

"She's inside.  I wanted to speak to you for a few minutes."  (Melanie)
"Okay.  Go ahead."  (Rod)
"I'm not going to shout through car windows."  (Melanie)
Rod gets out of his car and gets into hers.

"So what's up?"  (Rod)
"So is it true, Danielle's pregnant?"  (Melanie)
Rod is totally caught off guard.  He was expecting a conversation about Nicole, not one about his pregnant wife.

"I take it from your silence that it is true.  You didn't think it was important for you to let me know this little bit of news?"  (Melanie)
"I wasn't aware that I needed to discuss me and my wife's affairs with you."  (Rod)

"We are raising a child together and I need to make sure our daughter is mentally and emotionally okay with you and your wife's affairs."  (Melanie)

"I had a talk with Nicole and she genuinely seems to be happy about having a new sibling."  (Rod)
"You mean half sibling."  (Melanie)
"I mean sibling!"  (Rod)
"I don't know what your problem is, but I'm getting real tired of this bullshit.  I am no longer your husband, and I don't have to discuss anything with you except Nicole.  It's not enough for you that I am a damn good father to our daughter.  You want my life to be as miserable as yours.  I refuse to give you that satisfaction."  (Rod) 

"I'm taking Nicole to see a psychiatrist, to make sure she is okay with everything that is going on.  If the doctor indicates there's a problem, I will be filing for primary custody."  (Melanie)

"You are a piece of work.  You want our daughter thinking she needs a shrink because she's not hateful like her mother.  Goodbye Melanie."  (Rod) 

 Back at the house...
After Rod left, Danielle went to sit in the newly wallpapered dining room.  She's trying to finalize some decorating decisions.  

Over in the corner sits one of her wedding pictures.  She plans to frame it and hang it either in this room or above the fireplace.

This center room still needs to be wallpapered.  Right now it's the fireplace room.  Danielle is thinking about turning it into a library.

Danielle hears the doorbell, and then she hears keys in the door.  She's sure it's her mom with the boys.  They have been with granny the past couple of days while Rod painted and wallpapered.

Roberta and the boys enter into the kitchen.

"Your mom must be upstairs."  (Roberta)

"I can't wait for her to see what we made for her."  (Julian)
"I'm sure she's going to love it."  (Roberta)

Danielle does make her way downstairs.
"Hi mom."  (Danielle)

"Hi dear.  You look a little tired."  (Roberta)
"I've just been in full decorating mode."  (Danielle)

"Hello my darlings.  I missed you."  (Danielle)
"Look what we made you Mom.  A gingerbread house!"  (Julian)
"It's beautiful.  I'll take a look right after I get my hugs and kisses."  (Danielle)

Danielle kisses and hugs both boys.
"Now let's take a look at this gingerbread house."  (Danielle)

"It's beautiful!  Did you help grandma make the house?"  (Danielle)
"Yes.  I helped make the door, the tree, and the roof."  (Julian)
"I used to make gingerbread houses with mom when I was a little girl."  (Danielle)
"You were a little girl?"  (Julian)
"Yes, a long time ago."  (Danielle)

"And look at you with your gingerbread sweater on.  That is cute.  Where did you get that one?"  (Danielle)

"Christopher and Banks.  They were having a sale and free shipping.  I thought it was only fitting that I should own a gingerbread sweater.  That being my specialty and all."  (Roberta)

"It's perfect.  Let's go upstairs so I can show you how much we got done.  It's also warmer up there.  I had Rod start a fire before he left."  (Danielle)
"Where is Rod?"  (Roberta)
"He went to pick up Nicole.  They should be back soon."  (Danielle)

"Mommy, I thought we were going to eat the gingerbread house."  (Julian)
"Not yet.  Don't you want daddy and Nicole to see your beautiful work?"  (Danielle)
"Okay."  (Julian)

After Danielle shows Roberta all the changes, they sink down into the sofa to rest.  Julian has disappeared to the play room, and Jacob is drifting off to sleep.

"Mom, you wore my little soldier out.  I guess I should go put him down."  (Danielle)

Just then she hears the garage door open.
"Ooh, that sounds like my husband.  I'll just wait and let him put him down."  (Danielle)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

T'was the Day Before Thanksgiving (Photostory)

It's the day before Thanksgiving.  Melanie is excited about the long weekend.  She's going to spend that time getting the new house in order.  With Nicole going to her dad's house, she will have ample time to just work on the house.

"Nicole are you almost ready?  (silence)  Nicole?"  (Melanie)

*I know that child hears me.*  (Melanie thinking to herself)

Nicole is totally immersed in one of her books, and doesn't hear Melanie.

"Earth to Nicole."  (Melanie)

"Yes?"  (Nicole)
"I see you are packed and ready to go."  (Melanie)
"All set.  What time is daddy getting here?"  (Nicole)

"He's not coming here.  We are meeting him in about a half an hour.  I have some errands to run, and I didn't want to be waiting here for him to come."  (Melanie)

Nicole sits up and starts putting her book in her backpack

"Did they assign homework over the break?" (Melanie)
"I just have to read and do one math sheet."  (Nicole)
"Make sure you get it all done."  (Melanie)

"Are we going to the new house or the old house?"  (Nicole)

"New house? What new house?!"  (Melanie)

"Daddy and Danielle are moving to a bigger house."  (Nicole)
"That's interesting.  Your father didn't mention anything to me about moving."  (Melanie)
"Maybe he's going to tell you today."  (Nicole)

"They need a bigger house because of the baby."  (Nicole)

Melanie jumps to her feet.
"BABY!"  What baby?"  (Melanie)

"Danielle is having a baby.  She told us at the picnic."  (Nicole)
"Oh she did, did she?"  (Melanie)

"We will be leaving in about 15 mins.  Meet me downstairs."  (Melanie)
Melanie is taken aback by the news and needs a minute to gather herself.

She takes a seat in the kitchen.  This news has hit her pretty hard.  She's not even sure why.  

Over at the Taylor's... 

Rod and Danielle are working on the living room.  After Rod finished painting the walls, Danielle had him put up a couple new pieces she bought this week, and install the curtains.

"Let's leave it for now.  I think it's a pretty piece.  I'm not completely sure about putting it there."  (Danielle)

"Maybe after I put a couple of sconces on this wall, it will all look better." (Danielle)

"Hon, I have to leave now to go get Nicole.  The room looks great."  (Rod)
"You're just saying that so you won't have to do any more work in here."  (Danielle)

"That, too."  (Rod)
He kisses her on the forehead and heads out.

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