Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Dasia's New Duds

Dasia has been fairly quiet, enjoying her ever expanding wardrobe.  She has allowed me to get a few other things done without requesting something new.  We knew that wouldn't last long.  It started with the fur, shown below.  Of course, she needed a nice dress to go with her fur.

A bronze, bodycon, ankle length dress.

The dress looks nice with her new fur.

I had this beautiful faux fur in my material stash.  Dasia was all too thrilled.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

The Talk (Photostory)

Dinner is over and Danielle is relaxing with a cup of cocoa and chocolate chip cookies.

The boys are in their favorite room in the house, playing with their new cars.  Do you get the feeling their are a little spoiled?

These cars are the perfect size for the road on the rug. 

Rod volunteered to clean the kitchen.  He's almost done.  He's contemplating the upcoming conversation with his dear wife.

Upstairs Danielle is also anticipating her conversation with Rod.  She doesn't like being kept in the dark, and she wants him to come clean.

With the final dishes washed, Rod makes his way to the living room.  Danielle keeps her eyes fixed on the t.v. 

She takes a sip of her cocoa as Rod removes his shoes.  She has yet to look in his direction.

"So I'm here.  Let's talk."  (Rod)
"I'm listening."  (Danielle)
"And what is it that you would like me to say?"  (Rod)

"Rod! I would like for you to tell me what is going on with Melanie,."  (Danielle)
"You and I both know that Melanie is prone to going overboard.  I didn't see the need to discuss her antics."  (Rod)
"It mattered enough for you to discuss it with Tony and not your wife.  I think you owe me an explanation and an apology."  (Danielle)

"And what exactly am I apologizing for?  For protecting my wife and children from a hateful woman?  It is my job to protect you guys and I will never apologize for doing my job."  (Rod)

With those sentiments, Danielle's tone softens.  How do you argue with a man who just wants to protect you.  "I just want to be kept in the loop.  I hate being blindsided."  (Danielle)

"I will do my best, but you have to trust me.  When there is something important to tell you, I will.  Melanie is full of drama and sometimes she says things without thinking.  I just have to let it all play out.   Do you trust me?"  (Rod)

"Of course I trust you, but..."  (Danielle)
"No buts."  (Rod)

Rod starts taking the hot chocolate and cookies from Danielle.
"What are you doing?"  (Danielle)
"Didn't you just say that you trust me?  Just relax and go with the flow."  (Rod)

Rod puts Danielle's feet in his lap.

He then starts massaging her right foot.
"Mmmm, that feels good."  (Danielle)

Rod just keeps on massaging without speaking.

Danielle is in seventh heaven.  She decides not to let Melanie stress her out or bring a riff between her and Rod.  It's just not worth it.

As Rod starts pressing on pressure points, Danielle gets even more relaxed.  She leans back and closes her eyes.
"If you keep this up, you are gong to have a very good night, tonight."  (Danielle)
He looks up at his wife, without stopping the massage.  He's tempted to pick her up and carry her to the bedroom.  Then he remembers the kids are still up.  Dam*.  

Speaking of the kids, they have divided up the cars between them.  They each got three of the same color.  The extra colors were black and green.
"Are you ready to go again?  I'm ahead 4 to 1."  (Julian)

I found the cute little cars at the Cracker Barrel last night for $3.99.  I can't believe how perfect they are.  Looks like Rod dodged a bullet.  He's so smooth.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Dinner Time at the Taylors (Photostory)

Hey guys.  I've been a little off kilter lately.  You know how it is when your computer is acting up.  I haven't revived my computer yet, but I have a loaner for now.  I'm not able to use my normal photo editing software, but I did the best I could with what I have.  This is just a short story to lead us into the next two stories, which will happen before the weekend.

After the ladies left, Danielle prepared dinner for the family.  As soon as she heard Rod's car in the driveway, she sat his dinner on the table.  She was hungry.  Apparently, Julian was too, because he made his way to the table without being called. 

Jacob was a different story.  He was busy riding his motorized four wheeler he got for Christmas.  

"Did you wash your hands?"  (Danielle)
"Yep."  (Julian)
"The word is yes."  (Danielle)
Just then Rod enters through the garage.

"Mmm, smells good in here."  (Rod)
"Hi honey.  Hope you are ready to eat.  Dinner is ready."  (Danielle)
Before Rod can get his next words out, Julian starts screaming.

"What in the world?"  (Danielle)
"Mommy, make him stop."  (Julian)

Danielle looks over and sees Jacob ramming his toy repeatedly into Julian's pool table.  Clearly he hasn't quite figured out the steering system.
"I'll get him."  (Rod)

"Honey, just put him in his seat.  It's time to eat."  (Danielle)

"Whoa, nelly.  Let's turn this off."  (Rod)

Jacob looks at Danielle and laughs.
"Bad Jacob!"  (Julian)
"I don't think he meant to do it.  I'm sure he's sorry."  (Danielle)
Rod washes his hands and takes his seat at the table.

He grabs Danielle's and Julian's hands and blesses the meal.  
"Amen."  (Rod and Danielle)
"Amen!"  (Julian)

"So did you and the ladies have a good visit?"  (Rod)
"Yes, we did.  I got all caught up on all the happenings around town."  (Danielle)

"How was your time with your dad?"  (Danielle)
"Interesting, as always."  (Rod)
"Interesting how?"  (Danielle)
"I'm starting to think he has someone in his life, but he hasn't really opened up about it yet."  (Rod)

Rod turns to take a bite of his dinner.
"Hmmm, seems to be a lot of that going around?"  (Danielle)
Rod pauses.  He's not 100% sure what she is talking about, but he can tell from her tone that it's not good.

He looks up.
"What do you mean?"  (Rod)
"It's just something that Antoinette said earlier today that kind of caught me off guard."  (Danielle)
Rod is clueless.  He has no idea what she is talking about.

"Mommy, can we have ice cream for dessert?"  (Julian)
"I ate the last of the ice cream yesterday, but how about chocolate pudding?"  (Danielle)
"Chocolate pudding is for snack time not dessert time."  (Julian)
"Well excuse me."  (Danielle)

"Eat your dinner and I will find you something suitable for dessert."  (Danielle)
Rod has yet to take his eyes off his wife.  He is racking his brain.  Then it dawns on him.  Maybe his brother Tony told his wife about Melanie.  He's not sure if that's it, and he's not spilling the beans unnecessarily.

"Are you going to tell me what she said?"  (Rod)
"We'll talk about it later."  (Danielle)
Rod knows that look.  His wife is not happy.  He's pretty sure this has to do with Melanie.  They eat the rest of their dinner with very  little conversation.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Four Plus Years Later....

This past weekend I flew to Los Angeles, CA to watch my godson play in his last collegiate game.  He was one of 50 of the best college players selected to play in a special NFLPA collegiate game.  The two teams were the Nationals and the Americans.  NFL scouts were there, so it was their time to shine to show what they could do.  The game was televised on ESPN2.  My godson did well.  He is a linebacker and made the first five tackles of the game.  

I figured this was a good time to reintroduce my godson, Quentin's doll alter ego.

He was dating Brandy, but his good friend Jasmine had a crush on him.  She is the one in the orange top.

I introduced you guys to the real Quentin in June 2011, when I attended his high school graduation.

Here we are Friday, Jan 22, 2016.   What a difference four years makes.  Physically he has changed, but he is still the sweetest, most caring guy I know.

Left to right:  Quenin, his older brother, his first cousin, Andre Reed (former Buffalo Bills player), Quentin's uncle, and his cousin.

Here we are at the game.  Ten of his family members and friends were able to attend. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Computer is down

Sad to say, my computer will not boot up.  I'm hoping to be back on line later this week. For some reason my tablet won't let me leave comments on any blog.  I was in Los Angeles this past weekend.  I will tell you all about when I'm back on a regular sized computer.

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Ladies Reunite (Photostory)

Danielle felt the house was finally in enough order that she could invite her girlfriends over for a visit.  For those of you who are relatively new to my blog, the stories started with these five families, plus Leslie's family.  Leslie, her husband and two kids are away for the weekend, so Leslie is missing from the group.

The ladies have just finished the grand tour.  This is the first time all the ladies have been together since Danielle announced her pregnancy.

"Thank you guys for coming over and visiting.  It feels like forever since we have sat and chatted.  So what's happening?  Anything going on that I've missed?"  (Danielle)

"Not much talk out there, except about you and your expanding family."  (Vanessa)
"Oh, so I am now the talk around town.  Now that's funny."  (Danielle) 

"People are really happy.  Ever since you and Rod got married, people have been wondering if you were going to have more kids.  You look great, by the way."  (Antoinette)

"Thanks.  I'm not sure I like being part of the conversation that's happening."  (Danielle)
"Well, you were so immersed in the community doing the fundraisers, and hosting the Daddy/Daughter dance.  Everyone knows and loves you.  So we are all happy for you guys.  And this house is gorgeous."  (Sunni)

"Speaking of gorgeous houses, didn't you just move into that new Uptown house?"  (Lisa)
"Yes, we did!  I have to admit, I love it.  I'm not ready for company yet, but you will all be invited over soon."  (Sunni)
"You and Danielle are inspiring me to get my act together."  (Lisa)

"Speaking of that, how are you and Charles making out?"  (Antoinette)
"Well, we made love a couple days ago for the first time in almost a year."  (Lisa)
"What!"  (Vanessa)

"Oops, I forgot the girls were in the next room.  We will talk about the details later.  I'm feeling a lot more hopeful that we can find our way back to each other.  He's still living at his mom's house, but we've been talking about him moving back in."  (Lisa)

"That's great news.  I'm always happy when married people can work through their issues."  (Sunni)
"I'm always happy when married men can keep their parts out of other women."  (Antoinette)
"Antoinette!  The girls."  (Danielle)

The girls they are referring to are Nikaya, and Alicia who are in the next room looking at Nickolodeon.  I don't think they are even paying attention to the conversation, but you never know.

Danielle's stern voice startles Lisa's baby.  Maybe she knows they are talking about her daddy.  (As you may have noticed, Lisa's baby girl has grown.  She was an infant the last time we saw her.)

"Shhh, it's okay.  Ut oh.  Someone needs a diaper change."  (Lisa)

The baby noise sends Vanessa's daughter, Alicia, running to her mommy.

"What?  I thought you were watching tv."  (Vanessa)

"Danielle, where can I change the baby?"  (Lisa)
"You can change her in my room."  (Danielle)

Isn't she adorable?  She is the Hispanic Happy Family baby.  For my purposes, she's just a light skinned AA baby.  I made her little outfit.  

"I'll come with you.  I'm sure Maya is due for a change, too."  (Sunni)

Maya hears her name and looks up from playing.

The ladies grab their babies and diaper bags, and head upstairs.

"Can one of you guys look in on the kids?"  (Danielle)
"Sure."  (Lisa)

Antoinette moves closer to Danielle.
"So tell me.  How did you get Rod to agree to a new house?  I've been talking to Tony (her husband) about moving and he is not budging."  (Antoinette)
"Why don't you call Rod sometime and see if he can give you some insight into how his brother operates.  You know men speak a different language."  (Danielle)

"Excuse me."  (Niyaka)

"Yes, Nikaya."  (Antoinette)
"Mommy, can I call Nicole to see if she can come over?"  (Nikaya)
"This isn't your house.  You can't just invite people over without asking the person who lives here."  (Antoinette)

"Aunty Danielle, is it okay if I invite Nicole over?"  (Nikaya)
"Yes, but there's a chance her mom won't be able to bring her."  (Danielle)
"Okay."  (Nikaya)

"Mommy, where's your phone?"  (Nikaya)
"In my purse."  (Antoinette)

"Has Melanie seen the house yet?"  (Antoinette)
"If you mean the inside, no.  I don't know if she's driven by or not."  (Danielle)
"I heard she wasn't happy about the baby."  (Antoinette)
"Where did you hear that?!"  (Danielle)
"Tony told me."  (Antoinette)
Danielle doesn't know what to say.  She decides to say nothing until she can have a conversation with her husband.
Ut oh.  I guess Rod had the conversation about Melanie with his brother and not his wife.  

Lisa checks in on the kids after changing Chelsea's diaper.  She stands outside the door so they won't see her.  They are in playland heaven.  Jacob and Kenaz are playing with the toys.  The other three are playing school, with Ms. Zahara as the teacher.

"Teacher, can I go to the bathroom?"  (Julian)
"No.  No bathroom til you finish your work."  (Zahara)

"Ming, did you finish your lesson?"  (Zahara)
"Yes, Ms. Zahara."  (Ming)
Satisfied that everything is okay, Lisa heads back downstairs.

"So are the kids doing okay?"  (Antoinette)
"They are just as content as ever.  Danielle that playroom is just like having a babysitter."  (Lisa)
"I know.  Jacob will play in there for hours."  (Danielle)

Lisa heads towards Danielle with baby Chelsea.
"Here, it's time for you to refamiliarize yourself with babies."  (Lisa) 

"I don't need an excuse to hold this cutie."  (Danielle)

"Hand me the burp cloth."  (Danielle)

"Hello precious.  Is that a smile?  It is.  You are such a cutie pie."  (Danielle)

Danielle starts getting a little teary-eyed as she looks down at baby Chelsea.  She can't wait to hold her own new baby.  
"Are you okay?"  (Lisa)
"Yep.  I think it's just my hormones, again."  (Danielle)

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