Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Few Updates

Ian broke up with Raven.  He's currently dating a few different ladies.  He decided he wasn't ready for anything serious again.  He and Rosa have gone out a few times.  She's really feeling him, but he's made it clear he doesn't want a committed relationship.

I bought a second Evi bike.  As you can see, it's a different color than the first one.  You don't get to chose your color. 

Found this Sparkle Girls playset at Walmart last week.  I didn't open it to check the quality, but for $7.87, it was worth it.  I hope they come out with more playsets.

I finally got my MiWorld set.

I mainly bought it for these cute nail polishes. 

I found this set on Amazon.  Nothing too special, but I had to have that water dispenser.

I'll be painting the pink park

Last but not least, Joseph is playing with the latest kid toy to hit Morristown.  This is such a nostalgic piece.  I remember when my little brother used to play with one of these.


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Vanessa Checks In (Photostory)

Vanessa is getting ready to take the kids to school.  Then she's off to work until her 2pm doctor's appointment.

"Did you put your homework in your book bag?"  (Vanessa)
"Yesss momm."  (Tyler responds exasperated)
"I'm not sure I like your tone."  (Vanessa)

"Sorry, but you already asked me if my homework was in my bag."  (Tyler)
"I was just making sure because last week you forgot your homework twice."  (Vanessa)

"Here hold your lunchbox.  I have to get our friends caught up on what's happening."  (Vanessa)

"Hey guys, it's the Morrisons.  We've missed you terribly.  I thought I would get you caught up on what's going on.  I know many of you are worried because you haven't heard from me in awhile.  That was partially due to my power supply burning out on my laptop.  I had to order another one which took over a week.  It arrived yesterday and we are back in business."  

"As for my health, I am doing much better.  The beauty of messing up my arm is my doctor had to give me permission to walk more on my leg since I couldn't use two crutches.  So I am walking without the crutches about 15% of the time.  I'm still not trying to overdo it.  I don't think my arm is broken, because I've been able to use it.  I'm no longer wearing the arm sling.  I was supposed to have a cat scan, but there were missteps made by the imaging center and I postponed the cat scan.  I'm in the process of getting it rescheduled at a different facility.  Today I am headed to the oncologist to see how my numbers are."  (Vanessa)
"STOP"  (Tyler)
"Excuse me for a minute."  (Vanessa)

"You can't have it."  (Tyler)

"Excuse me.  I need you two to be quiet a little while longer.  Mommy's almost finished."  (Vanessa)
"She keeps trying to take my lunchbox."  (Tyler)
"Tyler, relax.  You don't have to yell at her.  Stand over there until I finish.  Come here Alicia."  (Vanessa)

"Sorry about that.  As you can see, the kids are still keeping me busy.  Anyway, as I said, I am doing better, and as long as my arm holds up, I will be back to blogging regularly starting this week."  (Vanessa)

"Everyone else in Morristown is anxious to see you guys.  They have all continued with their busy lives, so they will have to get you all caught up soon.  Take care.  I have to get these kids to school before they pluck my last nerve.  Toodles."  (Vanessa)

Hey guys, it feels great to be blogging again.  Also feels great to have my laptop working again.   As mini me said, I am doing better.  I did have sticker shock when I saw how much they charged to put the rod in my leg.  Surgery and four days in the hospital cost $235,291.54.  ISN"T THAT CRAZY?  When my arm saw that, I think it immediately got a little better.  Just think, two rod surgeries and I'll have half a million dollars worth of work done to my body.  And I don't even get any super powers!  Luckily I have good health insurance and the part I have to pay is fairly reasonable, in comparison to the total.   Still pretty criminal in my opinion.  See you guys soon!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Bad News

I broke my arm today.  I know.  Unbelievable!   I've decided to suffer through the weekend and go to the hospital on Monday.  My ortho surgeon will have to treat this broken arm the same way he did the leg.  Pretty soon I'll be brand new.

I was all excited to work on a new story today.  Hang in there guys.  I'll be back to doll stuff as soon as humanly possible.  

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Dr. Cullen is Dr. Locicero

 The Twilight doll, Dr. Cullen represents Dr. Locicero, my oncologist.  I got to take a picture with my oncologist today, so I thought I would post him with the doll to see what you think.

Meet my oncologist, Dr. Locicero.  He is wearing a red paisley tie which coordinated with my red paisley top.  How ironic.  This is one of two men who saved my life.  He is everything a doctor should be.  I don't think I would be here if God hadn't led me to him.  His whole team is fabulous.  They treat you like family, and they REALLY care about you.  It is great for the healing process.  By the way, my numbers were excellent today.  He was so happy, and you know I was ecstatic.  Monday I meet with the surgeon who fixed my leg.  Fingers crossed that will be great news, too.

This is me falling over after Dr. Locicero moved.  "Hello, I'm balancing on one leg.  You're not supposed to move first.  lol."

On another note, I finally watched some of the Twilight series.  I don't have a clue what was going on because I missed the first episode.  However, it was great to see the characters so that I could compare them with the Mattel dolls.  Robert Pattinson plays Edward.  Man oh man, did he look good in that movie.  Mattel got the Edward doll all wrong in my opinion.  What a pity!  The Bella doll is okay, I guess.  They did a fabulous job on Alice and Victoria's likeness.  The Jacob doll is decent in it's likeness, but they made Taylor Lautner's nose a little too big.  I'm curious enough about the story line, that I will do further research to figure out what was going on.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Time to go Bike RIding

Leslie, who lives next door to Danielle, has decided to take advantage of the nice day and take the kids on a bike ride at the park nearby.

"Hello, ladies."  (Leslie)

"Hey neighbor.  Well look at you."  (Danielle)
"Yes.  I promised Ciana she could ride her new bike at the park."  (Leslie)

"By the way, this is my cousin, Sharmaine."  (Danielle)
"Hello.  Nice to meet you."  (Leslie)

"Hello.  Same here."  (Sharmaine)
"How long are you in town visiting?"  (Leslie)
"A few weeks."  (Sharmaine)

Julian comes to check out Ciana's new ride.

She dismounts, so she can show Julian all the bells and whistles.  Literally.
"Look Julian.  My bike has a horn."  (Ciana)

"Let me see."  (Julian)
Julian presses the horn about 3 or 4 times.

"Julian, that's enough.  We don't want to break Ciana's new bike."  (Danielle)

Joseph is getting quite restless just sitting there, so he starts getting fussy.

"What's up, Joseph.  We're leaving soon.  Hang tight."  (Leslie)
Sharmaine hadn't really noticed Joseph until he started fussing.  She hops up to go say hello to him.

"Hello handsome.  What's the matter?"  (Sharmaine)
Sharmaine continues talking to Joseph and pretty soon he is all smiles.

"Are you flirting, Joseph?"  (Leslie)

"Mommy, can I take off my helmet?"  (Ciana)
"No sweetie.  We're leaving in a few minutes."  (Leslie)

Rod emerges from the house carrying a recently awakened Jacob.  He greets the ladies.

"Hi honey. So he finally woke up?"  (Leslie)

"He's still sleepy."  (Leslie)
"Well, I kind of woke him up.  You know what happens when he naps too long.  It's impossible to get him to sleep at night."  (Rod)

"So are you leaving us?"  (Danielle)
"Only for a little while.  I have to run by the barbershop and take care of a few things."  (Rod)
"Can you take Julian with you?  He's a little restless."  (Danielle)

"Julian, would you like to go hang out with Daddy for a little bit?"  (Danielle)
"No. I'm going to the store with cousin Sharmaine."  (Julian)
"Well honey, looks like Sharmaine has left quite an impression on our little boy."  (Danielle)
Rod starts laughing.  He almost slipped and said, "I can't blame him.", but he thought his wife might take that comment the wrong way.  So he says nothing.

"It's a pleasure meeting you, Sharmaine.  Hopefully, we will have a girls night out before you leave.  I better get these kids to the park."  (Leslie)
"Sure thing."  (Sharmaine)
Leslie says her good-byes, and heads to the park down the street.  Rod kisses his wife and takes off.  And as promised, Sharmaine takes Julian to the store to get some goodies.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cousin Sharmaine Settles In (Photostory)

Danielle's cousin, Sharmaine, arrived in town a couple of days ago.  She's staying in Danielle and Rod's guest room, at the moment.  The ladies are taking advantage of a beautiful day, as they relax in the front yard.  A little background on Sharmaine.  She is Danielle's first cousin.  She graduated from Penn State University with a degree in International Studies.  Right after graduation she spent a year in Europe on a paid internship.

"Thanks again for letting me crash at your place."  (Sharmaine)
"Have you decided how long you are going to be in town?"  (Danielle)
"I may hang out here a couple of months, then I'll probably head South for a bit.  My roommate from college went to grad school there, and I told her I would come see her."  (Sharmaine)

"South as in Florida?  If so, Make sure you stop in and see my mom.  She would love to see her favorite niece."  (Danielle)
"Oh Auntie Roberta.  I haven't seen her since my college graduation.  How is she?"  (Sharmaine)
Danielle fills Sharmaine in on Roberta.

"Soooo, how's married life?"  (Sharmaine)
"It's great, most of the time.  It really helps that I have such a wonderful husband."  (Danielle)

"Maybe I will take notes while I'm here.  Not that I'm ready to get married or anything.  Heck, I don't even have any prospects for a boyfriend.  Are you sure Rod's not going to mind if I stay?  I don't want to impede on any newlywed activity."  (Sharmaine)
Danielle laughs out loud.
"Are you guys planning to have any more kids?"  (Sharmaine)
"Julian, can you go inside and check to see if Joseph is still sleep?"  (Danielle)
"Why can't Daddy check?  He's already inside?"  (Julian)
"Because I asked you.  Now go check then you can come back outside." (Danielle)

Julian stomps off.  He's clearly not happy.
"Oh my goodness.  He's just so adorable."  (Sharmaine)

"I had to get him out of here since you are talking about having babies.  The last thing I need is for him to run around telling people that I'm having a baby."  (Danielle)

"So are you saying you're pregnant?"  (Sharmaine)
"NO, silly, but it's easy for a 5 year old to get the wrong idea.  I will say I had a scare about a month ago, but it was a false alarm.  Rod and I are still discussing it.  He's all for it.  I'm the one who is still thinking about it."  (Danielle)
"I think you should.  You guys need a child that is from both of you." (Sharmaine)

"Mommy, Jacob's still sleeping."  (Julian)
"Okay, thanks for checking."  (Danielle)
"Come here cutie."  (Sharmaine)

"Will you help me eat my watermelon?  Then, if it's okay with your mom, you can go to the store with me."  (Sharmaine)
"Oooh.  Mommy can I go to the store?"  (Julian)

"Yes, you can go."  (Danielle to Julian)
"He is going to be spoiled rotten by the time you leave."  (Danielle)

"Just wait until the next one comes."  (Sharmaine)
"You are too much.  Please don't start spreading rumors.  I know how you operate."  (Danielle)

FYI - This Barbie Look doll has the best hair.  It is ultra soft and easy to manage.
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