Saturday, October 25, 2014

Randolph's Family Connection

 Randolph and Melanie are almost to the restaurant.  I thought we'd take a look to see who's here already.

Lauren and her husband are enjoying a quiet night out together.

"I should probably give Faith and Angelica a call.  They will be shocked to see we're not home."  (Lauren)

  "Didn't you leave the girls a note?  Why do you need to call, too?  They are not little girls.  You need to stop babying them."  (Husband)
"Oh honey.  That is just what I do.  I worry about them all the time."  (Lauren)
"You worry, and I get the grey hair.  There's something wrong with that picture."  (Husband)

Maurice and Saba are here with their 13 yr old twin daughters.  The parents take every opportunity they can to communicate with the girls.  Thirteen is a pivotal age.  Sabrina, the chatty twin, is discussing an incident she had on the school bus.

After about ten minutes of Sabrina being overly dramatic in her story telling, Saba turns to Samia, "So how did you make out on your math test?" 
"The teacher hasn't graded them yet. "  (Samia)
"Well how do you think you did?"  (Saba)
"I think I did okay.  It was easier than I expected."  (Samia)

Before Randolph and Melanie arrive, I thought I would take a minute and introduce his daughter, Gabrielle, from his previous marriage.  

Gabrielle is 14 and lives in town with her mom.  She stays with her dad every other weekend.  It will be interesting to see how Melanie deals with Randolph's daughter.  Teen daughters can be very difficult, especially when they are close to their dads.

I also want to introduce Sandra's husband.  This is a Ken Griffey Jr. sports figure, but he reminds me of Deion Sanders, so I'm naming  him Deion.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Apron Frenzy

 I've been busy filling orders, and setting up dios for upcoming stories.  On the horizon is a story at church, and a story at the restaurant Melanie's new friend, Randolph, took her to.  In the meantime, I made a few new aprons for the store.  

Of course, Rod would be modeling the fishing apron. 

Perfect for him to clean those fish he is always catching.

There's a bbq apron.  The first one sold out pretty quickly, so I have listed another one.

Remember Monica, our resident pet shop owner?  Well she needed a doggy themed apron for her business.

Last, but not least, is one for our barbers and hair dressers.

The aprons are adjustable at the neck and the waist, so it can fit dolls of different heights.  A new story will be posted this weekend.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sofa is done!

 Well I made a few changes to the sofa.  I decided on two bolster pillows, instead of throw pillows.  I also made the side and back panels more cushiony.  I still need to attach them to the sofa.  That's tomorrow's project and then this will be listed in the Etsy store.  I will not be upset, at all, if it doesn't sell.

Here is a picture of the real sofa I saw that inspired me to make mine.

Friday, October 17, 2014

Preview of New Sofa

This is a preview of the next furniture piece that will be sold.  It's not finished.  As I was working on the back and side fabric panels, I realized it needed another coat of stain in some areas.  Stain takes a whole day to dry and I didn't want to wait that long to show it.

The side and back fabric panels aren't attached yet.  I might redo them and make them a little more cushiony.  There will be at least a couple throw pillows, more than likely 3 - 4.  Hard to see in the pictures, but the seat cushion is tufted.

I think this would be nice in a hotel lobby.  Can you think of other settings where this style could work?  

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Julian's New Toy (Photostory)

When we last saw Danielle and Jacob, they were headed to the boys' bedroom, after his bath.  As you will see, Danielle has not had time to finish decorating their room.  Her plan is to get Jacob a car bed, too, and decorate the room with a complete car theme.  (I still have to add some side decals to Julian's bed).

Jacob enters the room first, where Julian is in his bed playing with a toy he just got while out with Sharmaine.

Danielle is right behind Jacob.
"My toy."  (Jacob)

"Mommy look at my new robot cousin Sharmaine got me.  He can walk and talk and everything."  (Julian)

"That was nice of cousin Sharmaine.  I hope you thanked her."  (Danielle)

"I thanked her and I gave her a hug."  (Julian)
"Well good.  It's important to always remember your manners."  (Danielle)

"My toy."  (Jacob)
"No, Jacob.  This is my toy."  (Julian) 

"Stop!  You're going to break it."  (Julian)

"Alright Jacob.  That's enough."  (Danielle)
Danielle reaches down to separate Jacob from the toy, and all hell breaks loose.  Jacob goes into full temper tantrum mode.

"Sweetie, you can't claim all the toys."  (Danielle)
Jacob is not having it.  He continues to scream, almost squirming out of Danielle's arms.

"Mommy you want to see what my robot can do?"  (Julian)
"Not right now, I'm trying to calm Jacob down.

As Danielle tries to hold Jacob and get his pjs out the draw, Rod appears in the doorway.
"What is all that noise?"  (Rod)

"Oh you're home.  Jacob is having a fit because he can't have Julian's new toy."  (Danielle)

"Hi Daddy.  You want to see what my new robot can do?"  (Julian)

"Now that's a pretty cool looking robot.  Let me help your mother first, then I'll take a look at it."  (Rod)

"Here, let me have him."  (Rod)
"Be my guest."  (Danielle)

"Jacob...okay, now that's enough."  (Rod)
"It probably didn't help that he didn't get his full nap."  (Danielle)

"Here, Jacob can play with my robot.  I don't want him to cry."  (Julian)
"That's nice of you, but we can't reward his bad behavior."  (Rod)

"Do you want to put on his pjs, or should I?"  (Danielle)
"I got it."  (Rod)

Jacob finally settles down as Rod sits down to put on his pjs.  Rod cleans his tear stained face with the towel before proceeding.

"I'm sorry I made you cry, Jacob.  You can play with my robot tomorrow."  (Julian)
"Play with my robot?"  (Jacob)
"No, play with my robot.  (Julian)

"Arms up, Jacob."  (Rod)
"Julian, don't forget you're taking a bath as soon as cousin Sharmaine finishes in the bathroom."  (Danielle)

"Don't smile at me now after that awful display you just put on."  (Danielle)
"Say, I'm sorry, Mommy."  (Rod)

"Speaking of sorry, I'm sorry I was gone so long today.  I planned to be back sooner, but time got away from me.  Do you accept my apology?"  (Rod)

Before Danielle can answer, Sharmaine appears in the doorway.

"Awww, you guys are so cute together."  (Sharmaine)

"So are you headed out, now?"  (Danielle)
"Yes, I'm meeting my girlfriend for a drink or two.  Then we might go dancing."  (Sharmaine)
"Be careful out there."  (Danielle)

"Can I go with you?"  (Julian)
"Kids aren't allowed where I'm going, but I promise we will hang out again, soon."  (Sharmaine)
"Thanks again for my robot."  (Julian)
"You are welcome, again.  (Sharmaine)

Sharmaine turns to leave.

"Guess what Julian?  It's bath time."  (Danielle)
"Oh man. I hate bath time."  (Julian)
"Come on.  I'll help you with your bath."  (Rod)
"Thanks, hon.  I'm going to read Jacob a book and put him to bed."  (Danielle)

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