Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Picnic Time Part 2 (Photostory)

"Hey honey.  You're looking cute in your hot pink."  (Roberta)
"Thanks."  (Danielle)
"This is JT.  JT, this is my daughter, Danielle."  (Roberta)

"Very pleased to meet you."  (JT)
"Likewise."  (Danielle)

"And this little teary eyed fella is my grandson, Jacob.  Who's been messing with grandma's baby?  Come to grandma."  (Roberta)

"Where's Rod and Julian?"  (Roberta)
"Rod made a quick trip to the store. and Julian is out there riding his bike.  Why don't you two just relax.  Rod will be back soon and he'll fire up the grill.  Can I get you two something to drink?"  (Danielle)
"Oh no.  Not right now.  I have to unpack the desserts I brought."  (Roberta)

"I'll take care of that Mom.  Just go relax."  (Danielle)
"Do you need me to help with anything?  I'm pretty good on the grill."  (JT)
"I don't want to step on my husband's toes, so I think we should wait until he arrives.  You know how you guys are when it comes to grilling."  (Danielle)
"Well, we'll be over here on the park bench, if you need us. I'm going to leave this bag here.  Nothing in it but a blanket."  (Roberta)

On the way to the bench, Roberta stops to say hello to Leslie and Sylvia.

Danielle begins unpacking the goodies Roberta brought.
"Mmmm, sweet potato pie."  (Danielle)

"I'm baaacckk"  (Rod)
"Thank goodness.  Mom and JT are here."  (Danielle)
"Great.  Ian and Valencia are right behind me.  I'm going to go over and say hello to your mom and JT."  (Rod)
"By the way, he was trying to get on your grill, but I told him he would need to talk to you about that."  (Danielle) 

Leslie and Sylvia are shooting the breeze while the kids play.

JT and Roberta are relaxing and playing with Jacob.
"This is my buddy, but wait until you meet Julian.  I wonder where he is?"  (Roberta)

Julian and Ciana are behind the playground.

Ian and Valencia finally arrive at the picnic area.  
"Hey sis."  (Ian)

"Hey.  Hi Valencia.  I was hoping you would be able to make it.  Ian thought you would be working."  (Danielle)
"I was able to get someone to fill in for me."  (Valencia)

"This is my handsome son-in-law, Rod.  Rod this is JT."  (Roberta)
"Nice to meet you, man."  (Rod)
"Same here."  (JT)
"I hear you are pretty good on the grill."  (Rod)
"I can hold my own."  (JT)
"Well, come on over.  I could use the help."  (Rod)
"You two go ahead.  I'm going to sit here a little bit longer."  (Roberta)

"Hey, that's my grandma.  I didn't know she was here."  (Julian)

Ian plops down on the bench.

"I thought I was ready for this, but I don't know."  (Ian)
"Ready or not, he is here.  He's not that bad, and mom is pleased as punch, and that's what's important."  (Danielle)

"Look at him over there, thinking he's all that."  (Ian)
"Chill little brother.  Take time to get to know him.  You may just like him."  (Danielle)

"Do you think he and mom are serious?"  (Ian)
"I don't know.  I think they might be headed in that direction, if they aren't already there."  (Danielle)
"Oh shit.  He's coming this way."  (Ian)
"Just be polite and behave.  You don't want to get mom upset."  (Danielle)

"There's my handsome grandson.  Hello Ciana.  I was wondering where you two were."  (Roberta)
"Hi Grandma.   When did you get here?"  (Julian)

"Not too long ago.  You plan on giving me a hug anytime soon?"  (Roberta)

"JT this is my little brother, Ian."  (Danielle)

"Nice to meet you, Ian."  (JT)
JT extends his hand.  Ian just gives him a look.  He can feel Danielle's glare, so he finally shakes JT's hand.

"Your mother has told me great things about you."  (JT)
"Well she hasn't told us much about you."  (Ian)
"Whatever questions you have, just ask."  (JT)

"Mmmm, you give the best hugs."  (Roberta)

Ciana is bored with Julian and his grandma, so she heads off to see her mom.

"Grandma, who's that man that was sitting next to you?"  (Julian)
"That is my friend, JT.  He's looking forward to meeting you.  Let's go over and join the gang."  (Roberta)


Monday, August 31, 2015

Picnic Time (Photostory)

Rod, Danielle and the kids are already at the park prepping for the picnic.  Leslie and her kids are also there.  Rod is headed to the store to grab a few things.

"Is that it?"  (Rod)
"Umm, let me think."  (Danielle) 

"Oh, I almost forgot.  We need ice for the cooler."  (Danielle)

Here's a quick look at the picnic table.

"Jacob, moooove!"  (Ciana) 

"Ciana, please stop yelling."  (Leslie)
"But Jacob won't move and I want to go riding with Julian."  (Ciana)
"Still not a reason to yell."  (Leslie)

Julian decides to take matters into his own hands.
"Jacob, you have to move."  (Julian)
"Noooo!  Move!"  (Jacob)

"Julian, what are you doing?"  (Danielle) 

"Jacob is in the way, and Ciana and I want to ride our bikes."  (Julian)
"Hold on.  I'll come get him."  (Danielle)

"Alright babe, that's all we need.  Hurry back.  Mom will be here soon."  (Danielle)

One quick kiss and Rod was off to the store, and Danielle was off to deal with the kids.

"Jacob, Jacob, Jacob.  You have your car over here, why don't you get in it?"  (Danielle)

"Mommy, I think Jacob needs a nap."  (Julian)
"Oh you do, do you?  I think you may be right."  (Danielle)

Sylvia and her daughter, Chloe, have just arrived at the park. 

"Poor thing.  He wants to ride on the big bikes." (Leslie)

"Hello ladies.  How's it going?"  (Sylvia)
"Hey Sylvia.  It's been awhile.  How've you been?"  (Danielle) 

"Okay, let's go ride around the playground."  (Julian)

With all the commotion going on, no one has noticed that Roberta and JT have arrived.
"Just leave it right there for now.  I'm going to unpack it in a few minutes."  (Roberta) 

"Helloooo."  (Roberta)

Danielle turns around and sees her mom standing there with a man she assumes is JT.

"'re here."  (Danielle)


Sunday, August 30, 2015

Project Runway Canada: Bratz Edition

This is a quick post for the Project Runway fans.  I discovered Project Runway Canada on YouTube.  They have full episodes.  I started watching their first season, and the third challenge was all about the Bratz doll.  The designers had to consult with little girls about a Bratz inspired outfit.  The outfit was to be made for the models, and surprise, surprise, they also had to make the same outfit to fit the doll.  From what I've seen so far, the Canada version of Project Runway is more difficult than the American version.

I'm still hoping to post a doll story later today (or tomorrow).

Friday, August 28, 2015

Jacket and Custom Pieces

 I know you guys are waiting for the JT smackdown.  Just kidding.  There will be no smacking down when JT meets Roberta's family.  That story is coming, I promise.  I got slammed with 3 big orders, one of which had some custom requests.  I have one order left to do, and then I can get back to story telling.

After completing the second order, I took a mini-break to create a jacket and skirt from this faux leather material.  I realized after almost finishing the jacket, that the material was not of great quality.  So that means I can't offer anything I created with it, for sale.

Dasia loves her new jacket and skirt.  I will get pictures of the skirt later.  I will probably make her some pants, too.  I will have to look for some better material so I can make some saleable leather jackets.

Part of the custom order included a red Ohio State shirt.  I wanted to try the transfer process April described on her blog Fashion Doll Stylist, but I have an inkjet printer, not a laser printer.  So I used the old fashioned transfer paper technique.  Now that I have transfer paper, and transfer medium, I will be offering more customized tshirts and bags.

Another custom request, a lilac button down.  Finding the right color buttons for this shirt was impossible.  I finally made the decision to paint (and seal) them.  Custom orders always help me grow.

Today is an all day sewing day.  Tomorrow I will be attending an alzeimer's fundraiser and a Brave's game.  That leaves Sunday for doll play, blog reading, and grass cutting.  See you soon!

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