Sunday, September 21, 2014

Headed to Church (Photostory)

It's Sunday morning and the Andersons are headed to church.  It's only a couple blocks away, so they've decided to walk.

"Do you have everything?"  (David)
"Yes.  I was just looking to make sure I turned the stove off.  You can close it."  (Leslie)

When they turn around, they see a very busy Ciana.

"Mommy can I ride my bike to church?"  (Ciana)

"I'm afraid not.  We are going to worship, not to the playground."  (Leslie)
"Pleeeasssse, Mommy."  (Ciana)

"Here, let me take Joseph.  Grab your daughter.  I'm not in the mood this morning for a debate."  (Leslie)

"Let's go Ciana.  You can ride when we get back."  (David)
"Are we going to ride at the park?"  (Ciana)
"You have a million and one questions this morning."  (David)

"I can already tell, church is going to be an interesting experience, today.  Let's go before we are late.  I hate sitting all the way in the back."  (Leslie)

And they are off.

"Bye bye bike."  (Ciana)

Look who else is headed to church.  She just got a new outfit from an Etsy shop called Shades.  If you shop there, read the description carefully.  A lot of the outfits are designed for Model Muse bodies.  I couldn't pass up this outfit.  It's the perfect church outfit with the cross on the skirt.  It came with the necklace and a red pair of shoes.  

Joseph also got a new outfit from ebay.  I'm pretty sure the seller didn't make this.  I think she was just selling off some of her collection.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Prepping for Guests (Photostory)

Lena finishes her shower, gets dressed then starts getting lil' Alan dressed.

"Don't do anything crazy before I get your pamper on.  I've already had my shower for the day."  (Lena)

With lil' Alan dressed, Lena heads downstairs.

First things first....breakfast.

"How about a little peaches and oatmeal?"  (Lena)

Lil' Alan is ready.

Doesn't take long for him to finish his breakfast.  He's always been a good eater. 

Lena lays him on the sofa to drink his bottle, while she prepares a few hor d'oeuvres.

First she prepares the pineapple fruit boat.

*It is a Rement item that comes with the open can.*

Next she places the cake, she baked yesterday, on the cake stand.

Oops as she was taking the meat and cheese tray out the fridge, she dropped it.  Luckily the plastic wrap was on tight, but now everything is a jumbled mess.  No time to fix it.  The door bell has just rung.

"Adele,come on in"  (Lena)
"Hello.  Hope we're not too early."  (Adele)
"No, you are right on time."  (Lena)

Lena repositions lil' Alan and sits down to chat.
"So this is your little girl?"  (Lena)
"Yes.  This is Sydney.  She's being a little shy, but I'm sure that won't last long."  (Adele)
"Hello, Sydney.  I may have some toys around here you can play with."  (Lena)
"I brought a few things to keep her busy."  (Adele)

"Oh I almost forgot.  Autumn should be here soon.  She got a little turned around with the directions.  She called me just as I was parking."  (Adele)
"Oh, okay.  Can I get you something to drink?"  (Lena)

We'll check back in on the ladies, once Autumn arrives.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Sunday Morning (Photostory)

Lena and Alan have moved to a different rental property.  Being new to the area, they are not ready to commit to buying a home before they are sure what area they want to live in.  

Sometime in the middle of the night......

Very early the next morning, Alan, Jr. is up and ready to get out of his crib.  He's not crying.  He's just making grunting and whining noises, hoping mom or dad will come to his rescue.

Momma Lena and dad are still fast asleep. 

Pretty soon Lena hears him making noises.  She stays quiet, hoping he will fall back to sleep.  He does just the opposite.  He starts getting louder.

Lena raises up to see what time it is.

6:43am.  Way too early to be waking up on a Sunday.

"Alright.  Alright.  Come to mommy."  (Lena)

"I sure wish you inherited your daddy's sleep habits.  Mommy needs you to sleep a little longer on the weekends."  (Lena)

"I'm sorry honey.  Did we wake you?"  (Lena)
"What time is it?"  (Alan, groggily)

"Almost 7."  (Lena)
"Ughh.  I need another hour."  (Alan)
"Dadda dadda dadda..."  (Alan, Jr.)
"Dadda is going back to sleep."  (Alan) 

Lena lays Alan Jr. down and they all drift back to sleep.

It's 8 o'clock, and Alan is up and showering.

Lena and Alan, Jr are still snoozing.

By the time Alan gets out the shower, Lena is half awake.
"Good morning, sleepy head."  (Alan)
"Good morning.  I'm getting up in a few minutes to go fix breakfast."  (Lena)
"No need.  The guys and I decided to do a late breakfast before we head to the game."  (Alan)
"What's on your agenda today?"  (Alan)
"I invited Adele and Autumn over for coffee.  I figured I better get to know the basketball wives a little better."  (Lena)

"I like the sound of that."  (Alan, bending down to kiss Lena)
"I'll be downstairs reading the paper and watching the news."  (Alan)
"Okay.  I'm getting up, too.  Turn the light on when you leave."  (Lena)

"Good morning, Sunshine.  Are you ready to get this day started?  We're having company today, and you get to meet some new people.  First on the list is a shower for mommy."  (Lena)

Lena quickly showers.  She has a lot to do before the ladies arrive.  She's looking forward to spending time with the ladies.  She's still new in town and is anxious to connect with some new friends.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tackling the List

If you are like me, you have a long list of projects that seems to grow daily.  No better feeling than tackling something on the list that has been there forever.  Well, yesterday I made a salad for the dollies.  Feels good to finally, be able to cross this one off the list.  It's only been on there for a few years.  It is currently available in my Etsy store, as a made-to-order item.

Lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, and croutons.

Is that a Sparkle Girlz top in the photo?

Why yes it is.  Looks much better on Halle than on teen Skipper.  Halle is smizing big time in this picture.  If you have never seen America's Next Top Model, you probably don't know what that means.  It means smiling with your eyes.  

Halle HAD to try on my favorite Sparkle Girlz fashion.

She's headed out.  Maybe to see Diego.  Maybe to see Racquel.  Maybe we will find out in the next story, that will be posted this weekend.  

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Halle's Back to Work

 Halle is back, doing what she does best....modeling.  She was tapped to model the new chair that just hit my Etsy store.  She refreshed from her recent cruise with Diego.  Now it's time to make the money.

The new chair is quite colorful.  It's the perfect easy chair for a reading nook, a nursery, a bedroom, etc.

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