Saturday, April 18, 2015

Dashing Dashia

Along with getting kid clothes ready to sell, I'm getting clothes for Dasia ready to sell.  Dasia's clothes will be made to order and there will only be a few available of each outfit.  That will be determined by how much fabric I have in each pattern.  

Outfit #1 -  Floral blouse and denim skirt. 

Outfit #2 - Red polka dotted blouse and red skirt.

Outfit #3  Floral A-line dress

The same dress with a ribbon tied around the waist.

The ribbon can be tied underneath the breast for a slightly different look.

I won't be selling this dress as is.  I will be making this a-line long dress in a more luxurious fabric.  

My Dasia is happy to have it, though.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Unexpected Guest (Photostory)

Kara and Jolisa are back from the park.  Chris will probably be at band practice for another couple of hours.  Kara is looking forward to just spending time with Jolisa and reconnecting.

"Okay missy, I'm going to go get dinner started.  I need you to go take off those dirty clothes and get ready for a quick bath.  I'm sure you have sand in places you shouldn't."  (Kara)

As Kara heads to the kitchen, and Jolisa heads to her room, the phone rings.
"I'LL GET IT!"  (Jolisa, as she turns and runs back to the phone)

"Hello. (pause)  Hi auntie Maya.  (pause)  She's in the kitchen.  (pause)  No, Daddy's not here.  (pause)  You want to speak to Mommy?"  (Jolisa)

"Ask her if I can call her back later?  We have baths to take and dinner to eat."  (Kara)

"Mommy said call back later.  (pause)  Okay, bye."  (Jolisa)

"What did auntie Maya have to say?"  (Kara) 

"She said she's coming by later."  (Jolisa)

"Calling back later?"  (Kara)
"Nooo.  She's coming over later."  (Jolisa)
Great, Kara sarcastically thinks to herself.  There goes her quiet alone time with her daughter.

"What are we having for dinner?"  (Jolisa)

"We're having chicken and veggies."  (Kara)
"Can I have french fries?"  (Jolisa)
"You are going to turn into a french fry, but yes, I will fix you some fries."  (Kara)
"Yaaaay."  (Jolisa)
Kara pours a little olive oil over the chicken to help it crisp up as it sears in the pot.

A short while later she adds red wine as her braising liquid.

"Okay munchkin, the chicken is cooking, so we can go take our bath and put on our pjs."  (Kara)

 Thirty minutes later....
The ladies have emerged from the back, bathed and dressed for lounging.
"Mommy, can I watch tv?"  (Jolisa)
"No," but before she can finish her sentence, the door bell rings.
"Ooh, ooh.  I'll get it."  (Jolisa)
"No you won't.  I'll get it."  (Kara)

Kara peers out the peephole and sees her youngest sister standing there.

"Hey guys.  Thanks so much for inviting me to dinner."  (Maya)
"We didn't invite you to dinner."  (Kara)
"Are you sure?  Jolisa said come by later, we're having dinner."  (Maya)
"She said call back later."  (Kara)
"Ohhhh.  Well I'm here now."  (Maya)
"Whatever.  Have a seat.  I'm going to check on my chicken."  (Kara)

"What's up, pipsqueak?"  (Maya)
"Auntie Maya today we went to the playground and all my friends were there and....."  (Jolisa)
"Okay.  Okay.  That was a rhetorical question.  I really wasn't looking for an answer."  (Maya)

"Now that smells good.  I'm going in to see what's cooking."  (Maya)

"Mmmn, that smells good.  Whatcha cookin?"  (Maya)

"Chicken and beans."  (Kara)

"Smells very gourmet."  (Maya)
"When are you going to learn how to cook, so you can stop conveniently stopping by people's houses at dinner time?"  (Kara)
"But then you guys would miss me, and we don't want that."  (Maya)

"Jolisa, I said no tv.  Come take your seat, while I fix your plate."  (Kara)

Kara delivers Jolisa a plate with a drumstick, fries, and carrot sticks.  She's not a fan of green beans.  Not many kids are.
"Where's the ketchup?"  (Jolisa)
"Sorry, I forgot."  (Kara)

"No carrots for me.  I think I'm allergic."  (Maya)

"You are not allergic to carrots and if you are going to eat, I suggest you get up and fix your plate."  (Kara)
"But I'm the guest."  (Maya)
"Well, guess what...."  (Kara)
Poor Kara.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

More Kid Clothes

I have two more dresses ready to go.  

Dress #2

Dress #3 

This will not be an outfit.  Can't have a sleeveless top with these heavy pants.  There will either be a long sleeve shirt of the striped material and these pants, or shorts made of a different material and this shirt.

This ill fitting shirt is just to demonstrate some cute fabric I found.  There will be a better fitting shirt and possibly a dress from this fabric.  I love stripes.

I started the boy outfits.  I made the sleeves way too long on this jacket and the pattern needs a little adjusting.  This sweatshirt has elastic in the waist.  I really wish I had a small enough zipper.  That would be really cool.

The brown pants from above actually fit Darren, who is a little bigger than the SIS kids.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Look Who's Dating

 At night the park turns into a different type of playground.  It's not unusual to see couples making out.  One of our single ladies finally entered the dating scene.  She hasn't looked back.

Let's hope all the kiddies are home sleep. 

What! Stop the presses.  Jacquelyn has a man, now?

 Yes.  Everyone calls him Teddy.  They've been dating for about 3 months now.  Jacquelyn hasn't introduced him to the parents or her sisters yet.  Why, you ask?  

Because they met on-line.  Jacquelyn's not sure how her family will feel about that.  She also doesn't want any surprises, so she's trying to find out all she can to make sure he's legit.  It's nice to see her dating.  I hope it all works out for her.

I just bought this figure from MonkeyDepot.  He comes with gloved hands.  I swapped his hands with one of my other figures.  And in case you are wondering, action figures were never included in my 10 doll limit for the year.  

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

What Was I Thinking?!

Whose bright idea was it that I sew and sell clothes for the little dolls?   Let me just say after many hours of trial and error, I finally have ONE dress that is suitable to sell.   Yes, I know I have lots of little pants that are also ready to sell, but making cute little shirts to go with said pants has not been easy.  Designing outfits, making patterns, testing patterns, remaking patterns, retesting patterns. AAARRGGGHHH!  I am now officially cross-eyed from all the small stitches.  Unfortunately, I'm too deep in now.  I know I am on the verge of some really cute things, once I get through the basics of pattern making and testing.  Then I will be able to branch out and embellish, which is always fun.  So below is the ONE dress and a lot of other "not quite there" test garments.  I am not allowed to buy any new fabric until I get the designs and patterns finished.  I am famous for buying new fabrics and NEVER using them.  So you will see some fabrics repeated in the test garments below.  The good thing is my SIS girls will get all the outfits that don't make it to the store. 

The one dress.

The bodice is lined and the seams are finished.  Dresses will probably have snaps, while shirts may have velcro.  

This dress is the same design as the one above.  I'm thinking of adding red as an accent.  I also discovered that this dress looks really cute with a white bottom half.  

There will be white pants, but this white material is too stretchy.  They have to be remade.  The top is okay, but nothing special.  It was one of the first ones I did.  I was desperate to get something made.

There will be cute little hooded jackets.  I still have to work out what the front closure will be.   

Another attempt at a top.  I like this design better, but I need to fix the bottom.

This is a shorter version of the top above, which I think will look nice with a peplum attached.

I want to make cute little matching ensembles. 

Strike a pose!

Lots to do, but I'm going to stick it out.  I'm looking forward to cute little tshirts with sayings, jackets with pockets, shorts, capris, sundresses, and all the other little nuances that go with adorable kid clothes.

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